literally the cutest thing ever, the most virtuous, the most pure person ever, always got my back, legit the person with a heart of gold, endless amounts of love to give (not to me sadly) overall the best person I've ever met, and I hope she never let's me go, because idk where I'd be without her she is the one that brightens my day up whether I want it or not, makes me smile whether I want it or not, she's just, the best person I've ever met, I feel blessed to have her ❤️
by winnie ehehe February 10, 2021
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the cutest most wholesome thing, this person (found on discord) is so cool, epic gamer infact, they understand everything and are very cooperative, they help you through hard times and very cool, approved.
Chilli is cute
by winnie ehehe February 8, 2021
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Chilli is a spicy hot pepper that everybody likes and why wouldn’t you because it’s just amazing
by & d March 24, 2019
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makes references to heat, flavour, spice, food, cold
by Bobby v5 November 13, 2005
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A creative and kind being, who has a funny and mischievous side to her/him

Chilli will always be there for you and will put your feelings before his/hers, if you ever have her/him as a friend make sure you hold on to them. You Always end up having a blast with chilli. a lot of people will underestimate chilli but you don’t want to get on his/her bad side.
by Urrbandictionary1 October 9, 2019
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a water bottle (that contains only water) that a swimmer shares wit their whole lane
by JESSI December 14, 2003
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person who hits his 2 best friends til there are unconscience and then take full advantage of them in a bear rape
chilli knocked me out then knocked me up
by dufa January 4, 2008
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