Serbian word for great, super, cool.
Baš si strava!

You are so strava (cool)!
by TrashyBabe. January 11, 2010
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To use Strava in order to measure something in order to:

1) Capture data in an effort to feed your analytics addiction
2) Impress/shame other athletes based on on you data
3) Feed your ego (typically has the reverse effect due to your ride data)
4) All of the above
- It was too cold outside to ride my bike, but since I'm addicted to data collection and analytics, I considered Stravaing my indoor ride to ensure I had a complete training record.

- A high profile cyclist had recently started following me on Strava, so I felt compelled to start Stravaing my indoor rides to prove I am a worthy cyclist.

- Due to the "ride data or it didn't happen" principle, Stravaing your indoor rides is mandatory.
by ryanstrive February 28, 2014
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Usually male, uses the app strava, with obsession, to outdo his 'friends' and cycling companions on segments and trails. Can be seen at the end of segments looking at his phone to check if he has knocked a second off his time or if he has beaten a 'friend'. Will chase past anyone shouting STRAVAAAAAAA extremely loudly and scaring the shit out of you, with the added bonus of knocking you off your bike.

The air will turn blue if anyone beats his time, friendships will be lost and marriages destroyed.

Ultimate aim of a strava wanker is to achieve a 'KOM', king of the mountain! This is usually celebrated with joy, happiness and high fives, more fulfilling than the birth of his first born.
Did you see that arseholes fly past on his bike, he's such a strava wanker!
by science queen November 18, 2014
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When athletes check every single workout of their friends and fellow competitors via the Strava fitness website or app. They know what type of work out the did, the route, the total moving time, elevation gain, heart rate, and all the other Strava users with them. They frequently analyze this data against their own, and gossip with others athletes about said workouts seen on Strava.
Joel and Tyson spent half a day Strava stalking Rachael and Stacy during their training run in Hawaii, so they could pick apart their pacing on the hills.
by pagepaggeepage February 16, 2018
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Someone who only exercises to beat other people's strava times and goes on to brag about it
by Enusinc May 20, 2016
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Using the Strava app GPS workout tracking to create artistic pictures on a map.
My workout is an amazing piece of Strava Art
by WASOC master September 2, 2021
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Person obsessed with strava data and getting the next KOM/QOM

(king/queen of the mountain)
Did you see that rider flying past us without warning? What a strava hoe.
by StravaQueen June 1, 2022
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