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A criminal-accomplice whose job is to watch out for incoming policemen while his friends commit a crime (usually drug dealing, burglaries, safeguarding supply houses, etc). Spotters are basically human alarm systems that criminals use to warn them when the cops come near. They usually stand on a corner to get a better vantage point and to give their friends plenty of time to run away, flush the drugs, etc. The warning is usually a shouted code, but can sometimes also be visual; modern criminals now use cell phones. Often times, spotters are juveniles who can't be effectively punished by law for aiding in a felony.
Hello, mama? I'm in jail. The popo arrested me for chillin' on the same block where some dealin' was going down. They say I was spottin' and they be chargin' me as an accomplice.
by inane5 May 10, 2005
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A military term for some one who sits and waits (usually fairly concealed) for something notable to come along and then informs the rest of his group.

A spotter also spots targets for a gunner (for instance on artillery) they will give distance and position information to the gunner so targets can be neutralized quicker.
Spotter: Enemy on ridge 3 o'clock 500m!
Gunner: Sighted
by xfire January 21, 2008
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A small blowtorch with a bent knife attached in such a way that the end of the knife is in-front of the flame, and will heat up when the blowtorch is turned on. It's a portable tool used for the weed smoking technique known as spotting in New Zealand, where marijuana is rolled into small balls (or spots) and pressed between 2 hot knives, while the user positions their mouth above and inhales all the smoke. Most people will use a gas stove to heat the knives, but more experienced users may make a portable spotter using a blowtorch.
Dazza: Oi mate, wanna bumble on the ol' spotter?
Terry: Oh yeah chur bro, giz us a bumble
Dazza: Ok I'm ready, just get on your knees and suck
by oli-darko April 27, 2019
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Someone who holds onto your testicles, one at a time, as you alternate the direction to which you turn your head then cough.
Example 1: Physician.
Example 2: Teabag-victim's face.
by Betar1 December 31, 2009
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A pee spot on your shorts/jeans that shows through after you whizz, because you didn't tap your monkey well enough.
Crap! I can't go out there, yet, I just made a spotter on my shorts!
by mangus January 18, 2005
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Similar to a spotter in weight lifting, in masturbation, when a man needs somebody to lend a hand, add lube or lotion during the act, click a mouse for him, turn a page, make sure you don't die while choking yourself, etc, this person is known as the spotter. You may also find a spotter helpful when having sex with a fat person. In this instance the spotter will offer encouragement, move any necessary appendage, etc.
"Hey Gary, I want to try out this new fleshlight and I need a spotter to choke me with a belt."
by Otis Richard July 11, 2008
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A spotter is one who watches someone else while on drugs to ensure that person does not injure themself or others.
Seth: I wanna try acid
Walter: That's a dumb idea
Seth: Don't worry I'll have a spotter
Walter: Alright bro stay safe
by Srorth November 22, 2018
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