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A criminal-accomplice whose job is to watch out for incoming policemen while his friends commit a crime (usually drug dealing, burglaries, safeguarding supply houses, etc). Spotters are basically human alarm systems that criminals use to warn them when the cops come near. They usually stand on a corner to get a better vantage point and to give their friends plenty of time to run away, flush the drugs, etc. The warning is usually a shouted code, but can sometimes also be visual; modern criminals now use cell phones. Often times, spotters are juveniles who can't be effectively punished by law for aiding in a felony.
Hello, mama? I'm in jail. The popo arrested me for chillin' on the same block where some dealin' was going down. They say I was spottin' and they be chargin' me as an accomplice.
by inane5 May 10, 2005
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A military term for some one who sits and waits (usually fairly concealed) for something notable to come along and then informs the rest of his group.

A spotter also spots targets for a gunner (for instance on artillery) they will give distance and position information to the gunner so targets can be neutralized quicker.
Spotter: Enemy on ridge 3 o'clock 500m!
Gunner: Sighted
by xfire January 21, 2008
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Someone who holds onto your testicles, one at a time, as you alternate the direction to which you turn your head then cough.
Example 1: Physician.
Example 2: Teabag-victim's face.
by Betar1 December 31, 2009
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A pee spot on your shorts/jeans that shows through after you whizz, because you didn't tap your monkey well enough.
Crap! I can't go out there, yet, I just made a spotter on my shorts!
by mangus January 18, 2005
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Similar to a spotter in weight lifting, in masturbation, when a man needs somebody to lend a hand, add lube or lotion during the act, click a mouse for him, turn a page, make sure you don't die while choking yourself, etc, this person is known as the spotter. You may also find a spotter helpful when having sex with a fat person. In this instance the spotter will offer encouragement, move any necessary appendage, etc.
"Hey Gary, I want to try out this new fleshlight and I need a spotter to choke me with a belt."
by Otis Richard July 11, 2008
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A person who acts with life saving measures to save someone from Auto Erotic Death. The guy who cuts the other guy down just before he dies.
Inspector Purple: Did you hear about the prominent local business man Jack Mehoff?
Fuzzie: No what happened?
Inspector Purple: He was found dead hanging from a tree at the city park. His pants around his ankles and his dick in his hand. Bottles of lube and tons of porn were strewn about. It is believed to be an auto ertoic asphyxiation death. He could have been saved if only he would have had a spotter.
Fuzzie: Spotter? What is a spotter?
Insepctor Purple: You know, kind of like "swim with a buddy". Have somebody there to cut you down before you die. It has to be a good spotter though so you can be sure you achieve your intended goal.
by Inspector Purple September 25, 2009
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Spotter: a lazy person (in need of something important out of arms reach) that asks the first person they spot that gets up or walks by the object to bring it too them because they are too lazy to get off their ass and do it themselves.

spotters are typically stoners and/or really lazy people
Victim: *gets up to get a glass of water*

Spotter: "Oh My God Will You Get Me One Too", "Will You Bring Me My Phone", "Will You Plug My Phone In", "Will You Change The Song", or "Will You Answer The Door"
by Macock March 09, 2015
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