A tendon in your foot right above your ankle.
Vital nerve for moving your foot and standing
If you sever your achilles tendons, you won't be able to stand
by Dr. McFeces December 19, 2011
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The first thing you should go for in a fight! try taking a sharp object and when they lunge at you duck down and slash their achilles tendon wide open. You have won the fight and now have them 100% under your control.
that would really, really hurt but its an effective method.
by da hood' January 3, 2005
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A pharse you say when you get an injury while you play football
Matty went down when Jack kicked him and screamed ahh my achilles tendon
by Jake_5599 June 6, 2022
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newly renamed by the HBB (Human Body Board....duh)
now known as the TICT, or Tomato Ice Cream Tendon
Kristin: Ok, since I'm Sonic, and you are Hot Fudge, what is Julia?
Sandra: She should be something like...Ice Cream!
Julia: Yeah but I'm so sunburned! Its more like....Tomato Ice Cream!

Sandra: WTF is it called the Achilles Tendon??
Kristin: I dont know. It should have a cooler name!
Sandra: Like....the Tomato Ice Cream Tendon!!!!
Kristin: YES! The TICT!!
by Hot Fudge May 1, 2007
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