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Chilly is the best swabian guy, you ever met!

He has long hair, a beard and looks somehow a bit like Shaun White with a mixture of a 90's/80's style.
He is an ambitious cyclist and will break your record in Strava one day.

Also you can have very funny vacation with him and he is even a good wing man.
But sometimes you have to help him to force his luck.

He also has a great and caring family he supports and is loved.
If he accepts you as a best friend, you are blessed and he will share everything with you, beside the cab fares.

He is great cyclist and a real swifty guy.

He likes to meet new people on party and do some small talk. Also his dance moves are pretty dope!

So girls, if you find one keep him and never let him go!
"Hey, did you see this Chilly"
"Dude, I wish everyone would be dope like Chilly"
Son: "Dad, when I grow up I want to become a Chillyβ€œ - Dad: β€žYes! Hopefully, you will son"
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by iloveyoumorethanyourspouse December 12, 2020
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1. Slight sins or offenses
2. Petty crimes or small infractions
3. Las Vegas Punk Rock!
Peccadilloes shows rule.
by James Messina August 11, 2006
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The feeling associated with a thought that makes you protective of a specific body part, usually the neck. The word is derived from the scene in Disney's "Pinocchio" when Jiminy Cricket drops a pebble down his pants and shivers, proclaiming: "Ooooooh, chilly."
When I saw the guy get his Achilles tendon slashed in "Pet Semetary," it made me very chilly.

When my dad butchered the goat right in front of me, the sight of the animal's neck being slit open made me so chilly, that I dipped my chin to meet my chest. By not exposing my neck, I now feel safe from having the same thing happen to me.
by Nynbern Follower February 09, 2010
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The erect nipples on a female, due to either cold temperatures or sexual arousal.
Yo man, you check out the chillies on that broad? I sure would like to suck on those.
by 69_oh_so_fine October 12, 2005
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1. noun. The state of being calm, collected.
2. verb. The act of changing from an agitated, excited state to one of calm, cool, collectedness.
Both meanings often employed by ultimate frisgee players.
Everyone is so totally un-chilly right now, and that is not cool. Chilly, guys, chilly.
by tommywheeze May 24, 2005
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Something that is sketchy/strange but awesome at the same time.
Person 1: I heard that kid raps
Person 2: Yea his rhymes are mad chilly
by Pootytang123 November 09, 2009
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