1) The time when one takes their lunch break and/or eats their afternoon meal. 2) Any meal-time that is an unspecified time (e.g. not exactly at “noon”) set aside for the second meal of the day. 3) The time of day when one’s brain goes “out to lunch” and checks out for an extended break.
1. I’m so hungry...I got so busy today that lunch o’clock came and went and I didn’t eat.
2. Let’s go check out that new restaurant for lunch o’clock.

3. I started to draft that memo... then lunch o’clock hit, and my brain shut down for an hour.
by Gemini Grammarian May 10, 2018
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the undisputed best choke by stupid o’clock band to have ever existed. creators of choke by stupid o’clock. popularly known as stupid o’clock, stupid o’clock plays primarily in the “yeavy metal” subgenre, otherwise known as “stupidcore.” a prime example of this style is choke by stupid o’clock. stream spotify choke stupid o’clock youtube
Loudspeaker: It’s time for your mandatory daily choke by stupid o’clock viewing!

Prisoners: Oh boy, I cannot wait to stream choke by stupid o’clock on youtube and/or spotify

Stupid O’Clock: Choke
by stopify choke October 4, 2020
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poop o’clock- the time of poop
it’s poop o’clock!
by poopoclock420 August 20, 2019
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Commonly known as the men’s witching hours. Spooky time between 10pm and 2am . During this time men who hardly acknowledge your existence or talk to you can be found trying to make plans. We all know why wink wink. Be warned you must stay away at all cost for your safety and sanity they are no longer human the cock demon has possessed them.
Person 1: girl who’s messaging you at this time your phone has been dry all night nuh uh let me see

Person 2: give me my phone back bitch I ain’t going nowhere I know it’s cock o’clock

Person 1: mhmm you said that last time
by Shdylatina December 4, 2019
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Shotty O’Clock is when Mengy or Owen yell “Shotty O’Clock” and then they both have to shotgun one beer and anyone else can join them.
Mengy Buddy, it’s Shotty O’Clock.
by Mengybuddy July 11, 2021
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The time when you’re about to rip le cart
Guy 1: Who got nic?
Guy 2: Shut up bitch it’s Cart o’clock
by Le bunz September 2, 2020
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The time of day when you take your bra off for the rest of the night and let “the girls” hang free.
“No, I can’t meet for drinks tonight, it’s already bra o’clock.”
by Kitty2u July 5, 2018
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