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A person who does not wish to operate by the ways of today's hustle and bustle society, but instead, chooses to enjoy and contemplate life more often in a chill state of mind.
Those chillbillies (chillbillys 'sic') know where it's at! They are like modern day philosophers.
by goose goose duck June 02, 2015
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A American Southerner who isn't racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic and/or Republican.
It's refreshing to see the emergence and promulgation of tolerance in the South. She is a great Chillbilly for bringing the South into the modern era of globalization & international understanding.
by WhiteGoodmanToo February 11, 2015
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Same as hillbilly, but reserved for people of colder regions.
Sarah "Chillbilly" Palin should really get out, and stay out of politics.
by JuanB July 13, 2009
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The people that do crack and live iin downtown Chilliwack are Chillbillies.
When your parked at a red light at five corners and a toothless scab face mean mugs you, Then you just got mean mugged by a chillibilly, you will know when it happens. Chillbilliies are every where in Chilliwack, and if you ever get Chilliwacked it was probably Chillbillies that did it.
by ChilliwackSux January 07, 2010
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friends who hang out together but never do anything exciting or fun
"damn guys, whatsup with tonight"

"haha wtf, what do you think? nothing. when do we ever do anything?"

"man, we're all a bunch of chillbillies."

"haha we know."
by fredD4U May 09, 2010
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it is used to describe someone who is in relax mode or lazy
Boy" Is Jake coming to shoot hoops with us today?"

Boy 2 : "nope,he is being a chillbilly today"
by JH2223 August 23, 2011
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