Promulgate is term that is used by a strange group of people who probably graduated from technical college but who want to appear smarter than they currently are, almost exclusively used in a corporate email setting; A word that millennials and want-to-be corporate executives use to sound more intelligent; The true meaning of the term is unclear when used in such a manner and leaves the email message recipient dazed and confused that the meaning and quality of person using the term .
Promulgate this message to your team...
by Moose 0731 July 10, 2019
promote or make widely known
He promulgated their company.
by 1210k April 8, 2015
A word often used by your manager in an attempt to give direction whilst maintaining their intellect.
Promulgation of an extract from the Road Rules, with particular reference to right hand turns.
by BerekDilling January 28, 2016