When someone is going crazy/fuming, tell them to CALM DOWN
Person 1: Eugh... I. AM. FUMING.
Person 2: Bro, take a chill pill..
by tybzm June 2, 2022
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Xanax tabs. A more easily found drug for anxiety and depression,

just go to your doctor and say you have intense back pains or say you

want to die and any doctor over 40 will prescribe you some sort of

My doctor prescribes me a bottle of chill pills each month for my anxiety, but after only 2 pills I'm out cold.
by ɯ August 24, 2018
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Also known as LSD. some dealers put that on the front of the pill cause LSD makes u chill. Hence the name, chill pill
by miikesexman January 19, 2009
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A Pill that is non-edible and is squeezed to unload pent up stress
Hey Man! Take a Chill Pill, Chill Yourself Before You Kill Yourself
by Din Javla Fitta April 24, 2017
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Any type of pill that relieves pain, induces sleep, kills pain, and/or get u sedated.
Person wit anxiety: Yo, u got sum chill pillz, cant fuckin sleep
Doctor: Sure, maybe u can get some xans or benzos.
by YoungWrapper December 10, 2017
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while not truelly a "pill" it is a comment used by one party to let another party know that everyone else in the room but them knows they are acting like a complete asshole...
dude, we already got the tickets, take a chill pill, man
by t.d.d. December 7, 2003
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