extacy,oxycodone,vicodin, to many pills to name .....any kind of pain killer
yo son i got some i got some pillz, na im straight im already rollin
by Juice 55 November 10, 2007
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An act or event that is cool, awesome, or sick.
Announcer: And Alex Ovechkin scores what could be the most amazing goal I've ever seen.
Fan 1 watching it on TV: Pillz!
Fan 2: What?
Fan 1: What do you take when you're sick?....Pills..get it?...Pillz?
Fan 2 now seeing it on replay: Oh! Dude you're right, that goal totally was pillz!
by Typical Rodzzz November 13, 2010
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7 Pillz aka (Ryan Gruber) is a really young light-skinned that is 13 years old (for the time this is made), he makes songs about the casual rap stuff but he stands out from all the other rappers, he’s a small rapper which is rising really quickly, he was originally born in LA. He’s also really into hooping and he’s pretty good at both rapping and basketball, he streams his songs on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, SoundCloud, and a lot more. He always had a dream about becoming a rapper, and started working on music when he was only 3 he played instruments a lot more.
Guy 1: “you know 7 Pillz

Guy2 “yea he’s fire
by Please accept my definition! January 28, 2020
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Kid who is realy fta and when pooked laughs out loud!
This kid in my shcool who is realy fat and when poke laughs out loud!
by PILLZ! September 16, 2004
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