A 3-D movie that is experienced under the influence of marijuana.

The new and improved cinematic experience.
"Alice in Wonderland in Chee-D was so much better than Alice in Wonderland in 3-D"
by GypsyLadyWoman March 07, 2010
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used to talk to friends, or to insult somebody, a cheed is a very very large chode.
ex1 hey dude or "hey cheed"
ex2 your a fucking cheed
ex3 you have a cheed
ex4 theres a cheed in my closet
by mikeybear September 26, 2006
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a very very little choad. also used for insulting. cheed was a word made up by two teenagers while on xbox live.
Joe and Colin sre the biggest cheeds.

"dude your gay"(colin), "says the one with the cheed"(me)

Yo do you know colin? yea whatta cheed.
by lynchandhirsch January 08, 2011
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when the penis is 3 cm around and about a two feet long, opposite of chode
do they really exist?
by Mr. Pink December 05, 2004
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its like a chode but its the opposite. meaning your dick is longer than the width.
Girl: Damn your cheed is gross
Guy: At least its not a chode
Girl: Thats true!
by XbXlXaXkXe April 25, 2008
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A term for being under the influence of marijuana, abbreviated from the phrase chink eyed, referring to the eyelid becoming squinted (Term only applies when the individual is very high)
That's some good weed, I'm pretty cheed right now
by sHRe February 06, 2008
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