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It is the act of giving a blowjob.Word Used at Hillcrest High School eventually will move every were.
Yo man that hoe gave me sweet muska
by Matt_N November 16, 2006
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Colonel Muska is a character from Hayao Miyazaki's 'Castle In The Sky'. Essentially he is the villain of the movie. He is a government agent but he has no true intention of helping the government, he wants the flying castle Laputa for himself. When Pazu and Sheeta use the destruction spell he is blinded and falls into the sea with the castle as it collapses.
"Your ears are next!" - Col. Muska after shooting off Sheeta's pigtails (Castle In The Sky).
by Shinjato April 28, 2005
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Pro skateboader.
Great skater, but is a poser when he doesn't need to be.
Makes music called MuskaBeatz and is on Tony Hawk Pro Skateboarder.
"Have you seen the new 'Muska' Circa's"
"Yeah man, they're fresh shoes."
by Diego July 18, 2003
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