to look up information on someone you don't know through Facebook or Twitter. Sometimes referred to as "Facebook Stalking"
Sue: "What does his new girlfriend look like?"
Rita: "I don't know, let me check up on her."
by missb41183 February 25, 2012
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to "hit" on a fine female that you see in a public place
OH, look at the fine young breezy over there... I am gonna go check up on it
by David wolery January 16, 2006
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To make oneself aware of his or her surroundings and or environment
Bitch, ran through a red light and never checked up!
by Marcus Antonio BarW March 10, 2017
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the act of deep throating a girl to see how far your cock goes down her asophogus
damn man this girl was real great man i gave her a check up and she's 100 % okay to go.
by Berry and Danny June 18, 2006
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To excecute or perform an act of incredible destructive force, or disrespect to ones persona.
“Damn! I spilt my drink on the floor.”

“You better clean that shit before I Check Up! you!”
by Juju Been February 2, 2010
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April 27th- National Check-Up Day.
Check-Up Day is when you make sure to double check on a friend, bestfriend, neice, cousin, sibling, parent, teacher exct; Whether they have a smile on their face or not. A smile doesn't show everything in a person nor how they are feeling. Just make sure their okay and if they are not, Cheer them up!! Brighten a day of soemones up. I think this National Day should be spread around the world so many in depression or tough things going on in their life can be checked up on and some or hopefully all of their problems can be solved and they can vent out to you (if okay with you).
Friend one: Hey what's up? What's wrong, Why are you crying?
Friend two: nothing..
Friend one: Come on it's alright you can tell me and i'm here to check up on you. It's National Check-Up Day so I really want to check-up on you and make sure you're okay!!
Friend two: *vents to them*
Friend one: See:), It will all be okay, as I said, It's National Check-Up Day. Never be scared to talk to me, I'll always be here for you or anyone i'll always make sure that their okay and you. I'm always here to cheer you up.
by SpreadTheWord,Thanks<3 April 12, 2021
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