A Fighting game term used to describe the excessive use of a move with properties that are widely considered strong as a means of overpowering the opposing player.
"This player is known for using alot of cheapies so xxx has to watch out and keep his distance"
by DreamscapeOZ October 26, 2019
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a cuter way of saying the word "cheap"
someone who loves to catch man's attention.
someone who's sooo flirty just kissing anyone randomly
A: Ann is kissing random guys.
B: ouchie she's sooo cheapie! I wanna puke here XP
by primaverabebe January 26, 2010
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When a girl says she'll give a guy a blowjob but then she just kinda licks it
"She said she'd give me head but in the end it was just a cheapy"
by Anna Miles March 21, 2018
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a person experiencing tremendous excitability over something that is relatively lame. i.e cheap thrills.
"look at im, he's really gettin-em; them cheapies are oozing from he little benny(ala flop)"
by Mr Dekka February 29, 2008
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cheapies (n). Schoolboy sexual thrills.
"Miss Pollard bent down to pick
up the chalk giving William his cheapies."
( from 'William stirs below' by
Richmal Compton ).
by C February 24, 2004
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Someone who buys video games that are cheap or on sale
Guy: Hey dude are you going to get the new call of duty
Kurt Von Hofe: Nah I might get Fifa 07 instead
Guy:Wow dude your a mad cheapy
by Lildog October 09, 2011
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Those 50ct Beers That got a crazy name from the local store that gets u ripped.
Imma go to the store and get me a(cheapy cheapy)Hurricane and a King Cobra cause im a cheap fuck and i wanna get stupid drunk and lay on the floor.
by Dis Dizzle November 19, 2006
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