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something that little kids say when they get hurt kinda like a boo boo and owie
mommy I have a ouchie

come here honey mommy will kiss it
by *!*@*#*$*%*^*&* January 21, 2018
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an insult that you tell someone that is getting on you nerves! Or someone that blew you!
Person 1(K)-You didn't say OUNO FIRST! Pick four cards!
Person 2(L)-Yessss i DID!

Person 3 (B)-No K said it first...
Parson 1(K)-HAHA,Here you go..One Two Three Four.Four cards
Parson 2(L)-Owwww...You little ouchie!
by Laughter Babee! March 17, 2011
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