British equivalent of white trash, although the Brit variety is predominantly urban (though still of provincial mentality) whereas the American sort are typically rural (especially trailer trash).
Pretty much any young urban lad these days, but especially football hooligans wearing caps, hoodies, and g-strings above the waistline.
by monkeyboy May 14, 2004
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The chav is a horrible, lower form of humanity who think wearing "old ladies" burberry car rugs fashioned into anything from caps to pants is cool.
by Spunky Monkey August 09, 2007
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A human with a very little brain. Can be recognised by their fake burberry, socks tucked into "sports label" trousers and endless tacky gold jewllery (mainly bought from Argos!). These primitive people are offten seen swearing,smoking and lobbing things at random people. Pity they can't see how lame they really are!
Just go into your local town centre there should be al least a gang of 8 hanging around a McDonalds somewhere....
by Anon November 15, 2003
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A young British 'person', bottom bottom class in both status and culture, favouring baseball caps, fake 'sports' 'labels', tracksuit bottoms tucked into their socks, trainers that cost the same amount of money as a flat deposit, and an unspeakably antisocial manner : a juvenile ruffian.
"You fucking faget! Oi! You startin'? You startin'?"
by Rupert Ducker December 05, 2003
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Male chav: wears tons of sports wear, has an earring in one ear, (usually a great big fake diamond), wears adidas trainers, and pulls their socks up over their trousers. has a shaven head or awful blond highlights in their short hair. usually seen with a cigarette.

female chav: peroxide blonde hair which is extremely straight or messily scarped up into an incredibly high pony tail which is so tight, they can't move their eyebrows. pregnant at about 14. lots of tacky fake gold rings, so much it's hard to move their fingers. if not in trackies, wears tight trousers or short skirts and a top that shows a lot of cleavage.

ALL chavs smoke, drink and have slept with many people at the 0f at least 14

vocabulary consists of: innit, bruv, braaaaap, fuckin'.
usualy seen outside mcdonalds or tescos
they hate people who like rock music.
they also think their 'well 'ard' (which they are not)
their wrighting in indecipharable, as they refuse to learn, and therefore cannot spell

They are the scum of britain.
conversation of two chavs:
chav 1: s'up ma bruv
chav 2: awwrighttt
by snailee October 19, 2007
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A person who A) Wears tracksuits at all times, fake Burberry caps, gold jewellry (the chunkier and less tasteful the better) rolls their trouser legs up to reveal their ankles/pulls their socks up over their trouser legs; if female has a bottled tan, large hoop earrings, hair tied up rediculously tight so as to actually distort the natural shape of their face.
B)Hangs around on estates, parks, high streets, outside McDonalds or in childrens playgrounds whilst drinking White Lightning cider, gossiping about either East Enders, Coronation Street, I'm a Celebrity..., the ugly swine they got off with the night before or how 4 of them beat the crap out of a lone "Greebo/Grunger"
C) Has a self imposed inabilty to say words of more than two sylables, brought about by purposefully ignoring all attempts by the State to educate them.
The most common example to be easily found of a Chav is outside your local McDonalds, or in the nearest park, sitting around the bench closest to the football pitch(if one is present).

Celebrity examples of the breed include Wayne Rooney, and Mel C.
by CrouchingPanda February 21, 2005
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a british stereotype.
male chavs wear fake burberry (bought from sketchy market stalls), trainers, fake gold jewellry, and anything they can get from the sports soccer sale. they are seen with cigarettes, drugs and cheap alcohol(eg strongbow or tesco value lager). they also wear a massive tacky fake diamond in their ear.
chavettes wear massive hoop earrings, shitloads of foundation (the oranger the better), fake designer brands , fake uggs, fake tan, fake anything.
chavs live in council houses and will steal your bike.
make sure you don't make eye contact or they'll yell at you in your face, you wont understand what their saying though.
What do you call a chavette with two brain cells?

Chav a and chav b race off a cliff. Who wins?

what should you do if you run over a chav?
Reverse to make sure

Why shouldn't you run over a chav on a bike?
it might be your bike

brrrrrrap braaaaap dat iz bare sik mannn ennit dooooo
by blahwhat January 31, 2010
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