An acronym standing for "out of respect"
"Ayo bro my chick let me smash"

"That's oor"
by TheRealestDonCon January 20, 2017
Out of room.

Used at the end of a text message that you don't want to be longer than 160 characters, even though you could say more on the topic being discussed.
To: Steve

Well I think the meaning of life is something that is more of a person to person thing, but here's my take. You should live your life to the fullest, have no regrets, and oor.
by Chosen Sloth May 18, 2010
Acts dumb but is s m a r t
I'm sooo oor
by May 20, 2021
Out of Range

Used in MMOs, letting people know that you're out of range from something.
I couldn't heal you because you were OOR on the other side of the room!
by Mangaza July 17, 2013
Oore is a beautiful name for someone with such a lovely energy, who is an effortlessly fashionable person. She’d be every pinterest lovers outfit inspiration and will always giving, but never obvious about it. Not only are they passionate about their work but about their friends. This person is the kind of friend who will always check in with you and will always be good to you. You’ll always have a friend in this person.
1. Oore checked in with me today, they asked if I was doing alright, and I was, but I appreciated her asking!

2. Did you see Oore’s outfit? It looks absolutely amazing, very cute.
by Barb <3 November 22, 2021
Stands for One Ok Rock, the legendary Japanese rock band, formed in 2005. It

consists of Moriuchi Takahiro the vocalist with an angelic voice, Yamashita Toru the hot guitarist and bandleader, Kohama Ryota the sexy bassist, and Kanki Tomoya the dorky drummer.

Check them out.
"Man, I love OOR so much."
"Me too, they're the best!"
by bubblegumkaneki October 1, 2019
Scottish cartoon character, the fore-runner of Bart Simpson. Permanently ten years old, although born in 1936. Lives in Auchenshoogle, most probably based on Dundee, home of Thompson publishing. His creator was cartoonist Dudley D Watkins.
Jings, Oor Wullie, ye're wearing weel.
by torrrential December 10, 2011