These words are examples of primitive onomatopoeia used by Chavs or the like, when making noises like guns.
Apparantly "brap brap" sounds like two rounds being fired. However i think not.
Harry the Chink (whilst in Miniman's Corsa SXI: "Brap Brap i drive by dat nigga"
Crazy Joe: "Shut your gob you stinky Chink!
by Crazy Joe December 20, 2004
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how a rotary car sounds.
especially mazda rx7 and rx8.
i like listening at the car's noise in idle,that does BRAP BRAP.
and 1 day later,spending 2 grand on the apex seals
by JGXMR69MANE April 23, 2022
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The sound made when you see someone wearing a fox racing or other dirt bike sponsored apparel. Used in place of a greeting.
brap brap fox racer, what are you up to tonight?
by jigga-booo October 22, 2011
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Another name for a dirtbike, snowmobile, quad, or any toy with a small displacement engine. Also can be used with any number of a's to describe the sound of one of these toys in uses...
Expl.1) Hey bro, go grab your brap brap and let's go to the gravel pit and ride!!!!!

Expl.2) He came around that corner before the triple and he was like "brap brap braaaaaaaaaaaap!"
by Ironman23 April 13, 2007
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Brap-Brap Nizzle how it hangin?
by Joe Wharton November 10, 2007
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Used when extremly happy about something you have done or something that has happened.
Hey you know that competition you entered?
Yh yh?
U won mayn
by dont cough on me.... February 20, 2011
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A phrase that black people use to scare off nearby opposition. Originally coming from the native Africans after having too much KFC.
Tom: You alright there Jamal?

Jamal: Brap brap chicken wrap!

Tom: *Runs for his Life*
by cheek3n December 6, 2009
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