Not to be confused with the term "Chauncy", which is without the E.

A Chauncey is a person who tends to be more talented, smarter, and better over-all in numeruos ways than the average person. They tend to be deserving of reverence and are thought of highly, but sometimes due to this are envied.
Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Charlemagne, and George Washington were all true Chauncey's.
by Matt May 10, 2006
A person who is caring and respectful to any women he meets and will treat you like a princess but he's also been hurt multiple times so he doesn't show how much he really cares
Mya: Mike is such a chauncey

Jada: you have no chance he's to sexy
by Vahanna November 21, 2017
A very smart, athletic boy. Tends to have lots of beautiful girls on him. Usually very short but strong and mainly a very fast runner. Overall perfect.
Mannn, we Lame as fuck, we need to get like Chauncey.
by Bettyisis January 5, 2014
Chauncey is an old English expression for bitch. He drives his superiors around, warms the car, and has no basic human rights.
Bryce can be a real Chauncey sometimes.
Chauncey warm the car you shithead.
by Chaunceyhasnorights April 27, 2015
A man who is a hard worker and very caring. Would do anything in the world for you till you screw him over. Tends to get in over his head. Has alot of love to give but has been hurt alot so is scared to show it. Normally is Attracted to girls with the name Alexis (Lexy/Lexi), Ashley(Ash/Smashly), Danielle(Danny)
Who is that sexy man?
OH thats Chauncey
by sweetheart132 May 3, 2013
The coolest person known to mankind. Total babe. Beautiful. Sometimes emotional but lowkey a crazy bitch. If you mess with a chauncey you better watch out because her and her best friend will ruin u . jk. maybe ;)
claire-" dude i'm scared i messed with a chauncey"
sam- "well ur screwed"
by ayeyobestie May 22, 2017
A rare saying used mainly in the English language referring to a a group of male's who are Dominant in their field. They can vary from danglers to pranksters and every thing in between.
Wheres "Chauncey" getting shit faced tonight ?

Man look at the size of "Chauncey" biceps !

by Dr Hag February 27, 2009