Jada is a special kind of girl. She's not like others. She's pretty, smart, somtimes mean, and shy. She will appear very shy, but once you get to know her she will blow your mind. But inside she's a real softie. She will never show that you have got to her. She loves her friends. And will accept no crap from others. She will always stand up for her friends, and will always be there for them no matter what. Likes to have fun , but then she can be really bossy. At first she seems like she perfect and innocent girl, but once you get to now her *BOWW*
people with the name Jada are usally mixed.
by Me 💓 May 8, 2015
Jada is the most wonderful person you could hope to meet. She’s smart, she’s beautiful and the strongest girl you can come in to contact with. Jada likes to have lots of fun and loves to hang with friends. Jada can be super calm and shy when you meet, but when you become friends she’ll hit with some waist movements that will blow your mind. If you ever hear the words “split in di middle” in the presence of Jada, you better step back because your about to see magic. Jada is the most caring person you could ask for as a friend, she will be there with you through it all, from start to finish. Jada can steal your heart 10x over and make you generally happier in life just because you have her as a friend.
Jada is the waist line controlla!
by Uncle 💜❤️💜 August 17, 2017
Jada is a very beautiful girl, she is caring loving and will steal your heart. she is a loyal friend and will never leave your side, and once your man breaks up with you she will be there to comfort you. But one thing to know about her is she doesnt go all gaga over a boy she likes she acts normal just as she will ask with a guy she doesn't like, she is also a loyal girlfriend. But if you break up with her is takes her a while for her to get over you, if you notice after you break up with her and she is sad its because she is heart broken. But eventually she will find someone and be happy with them. some ways to see is jada likes you is if she looks at you in the eyes smiles when she talks to you or when she blinks and plays with her hair.
Jada has a crush on a guy.
by cheata girl XD November 5, 2019
jada is a beautiful girl and she never believes it. she has a talent for attracting guys even the ones older than her. extremely creative and is good at pretty much anything except for certain sports. always is there for her friends and will think of other before herself. very independent and mature. she is tall dark features and her smile is undeniably perfect and unique.
wow, just look at jada

your such a jada
dam look at jada
by DanHadly September 14, 2018
A beautiful, crazy, amazing girl who will always listen, keep your secrets, and absolutely crack u up!
That girl is CRAZY! She must be a jada!
by Jada Rae March 14, 2017
A Jada is very special person. She is beautiful funny smart and loving. If you know or have one cherish her and be grateful because you’re with the most amazing girl in the world. She is someone who is as gorgeous as she is sarcastic which is a lot. If you have a mother beware because with a Jada nothing is sacred. A Jada will also have the most interesting (and waffle related) sense of humor. She has the most incredible eyes that will steal you’re attention every single moment you’re with her making you love her even more. She also has the most attractive and cute smile that you could possibly imagine. Note: if a Jada smiles at you and happiness and excitement overwhelms you do not be concerned this is normal. She will also have beautiful hair and the most adorable face you will ever lay your eyes on. Sometimes when you’rewith her you’ll just stop everything to look at her because of how unbelievably perfect she is. A Jada will be honest with you always. If she isn’t with you and you feel sad and have a pit in your stomach do not be concerned this is normal. There is no way to define a Jada. If you were to define all of her amazing traits you could probably keep going for weeks because she is truly the most incredible girl you will ever know. She is someone you will grow to love a waffle lot. She is incredible sweet and funny. If you have a Jada be grateful and remember that she is one of the most important and profoundly amazing people in your life. Love and cherish her.
I love you Jada.

It’s been a great three months with you Jada I love you so much.

I love Jada a waffle lot.
by NorthernCrackerBoy October 20, 2018
Jada is a boss, shes real cute and she slay all day. She will beat a bitch up if she need 2. She dont play about her friends. She dont take shit. If u talk about her she wont care but if u talk about her fam... u just got fucked up. Jada can fight so dont get on her nerves. So if u try to mess with a jada uk u about to get beat the hell up!
Jada is a OG
by Jada. Slay January 31, 2019