not as good, lower quality, fashion clashing
chintz was originally a cheap copy of silk.. hence today's meaning
dude, your blacklights and clothes from winners are so chintzy.. get a life!
by floopy_shpeel July 29, 2005
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Shitty and cheap; Lacking morals in regards to compassion or sharing any kind of material goods with others.
The company I worked for for 5 years cancelled my insurance at midnight on my last day instead of waiting til the end of the month like other companies. They are so chintzy.
by lola23 October 27, 2005
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your a fucking chintzy bich
omg u r being to chintzy
by cowboiiii November 1, 2020
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characteristic of being a habitual, pathological liar
he told a typical chintzy story with references to banging his wife in his huge house on the lake with driveway large enough to park gravedigger on the weekends
by board March 5, 2007
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A person or act that has the intent to screw somebody over. Usually a "chintz" will think that the entire thing is funny, but note that they are usually the only one laughing. The operate best when stoned, often feeling as though the entire world is against them, thus the feeling to get childish revenge on all those present. Be careful though, a chintz often has the power to rally troops, and making an entire chintz army.

There are several signs of a chintzy person, they are:

a) When playing against them in a game of tag, they will often say "not playing" when they know they will be tagged.

b) After watching you get to the last level of an original Nintendo game, they will push in and hold the power button, threatening to let it go.

c)If ever giving a guy head, they will direct the load at his face instead of swallowing.

d)When everyone is munching out, they will hide their goodies while they eat yours.

e)A person who makes their partner wait for marriage to have sex.

f)A chintzy guy will tell all the hot girls that his friends are gay to improve his chances. And if he is really chintzy he will pretend to be gay just to make other gay guys chances less successful.

g)A chintzy girl will strategically never have any girlfriends just to improve her chances with guys. Note that this girl will say that she is on birth control when she is in fact not.

i)A slightly less chintzy girl will only hang out with girls far less attractive than herself.
Hey you know that Tom guy? That fucker is a total chintz! I left my facebook profile open and he changed my status to "Am I the only dude who likes a carrot in my ass during sex?"
What a chintzy asshole!

Remember that one time that we got to the last level of Mario 3 and Kevin stomped on the floor knowing that an original Nintendo can't handle that kind of shock! He just laughed at our loss!! What a chintzy fucker that guy is!
by Kevin cold as Ice October 12, 2009
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someone who is very cheap, like a jew
Man, my job is worse then a chintzy jew. They didn't even pay me for my overtime work.
by lcbears September 10, 2008
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