A evil spirited Tik Tok E boy who is the leading cause of cancer.

If you come across this Tik Tok evil demon spawn, turn of the power in your house and hope your not too late.
Hey did you see that weird Tik Tok who is named Charmander?

Turn off your power he is going to come get you!
by JesusChristSuperStar6.9 May 12, 2020
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Charmander is a popular Pokemon in the anime and manga series Pokemon, as well as the Pokemon games...

Charmander is the preferred starter pokemon in Gen 1.

Charmander is the first form of his evolution line...


Pokedex: From the time is born, a flame burns at the tip of its tail. Its life would end if the flame were to go out.
Jim: Hey what starter pokemon did you choose? I chose charmander!

Joey:I chose rattata, it's like in the top % of rattata...

Jim:Hey! ... You like my shorts?
by Mal's friend April 24, 2015
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For a male to light a firecracker and shove it down the partner's ass ( with consent of course ) and then fuck them repeatedly until the firecracker explodes.
Lady: I almost died last night!!
Lady 2: how?
Lady 1: My asshole of a boyfriend pulled a Charmander on me.
by Dick_Cheese69 September 22, 2016
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It is supposedly a red lizard with a match on its tail. This suposed match represents its life force.If it were to run out then the charmander would turn into ashs. Also, this species of pokemon seems to be very stupid as all it can say is Char and Charmander. It can only understand very simple commands- such as bite or lick. Furthermore, its red and really really whiney.
My love for you is like an eternal flame on a charmanders tail.
Micheal raped a Charmander
by Manraj Pander May 29, 2008
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Unlike charizarding, charmandering is when you take a long shit that sticks to your arse, light it on fire and run around squaking like a insane parrot while slapping people round the face with it.
I would have gone to Specsavers of there wasn't a man charmandering everyone down the street
by HYPERREALITYSOUL42069 December 1, 2018
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Shoving a lit firecracker up her ass and screaming "FLASH CANNOT BE TAUGHT TO CHARMANDER!"
I was charmandering your sister last night.
by Having a giggle July 21, 2014
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