Charmander is a popular Pokemon in the anime and manga series Pokemon, as well as the Pokemon games...

Charmander is the preferred starter pokemon in Gen 1.

Charmander is the first form of his evolution line...


Pokedex: From the time is born, a flame burns at the tip of its tail. Its life would end if the flame were to go out.
Jim: Hey what starter pokemon did you choose? I chose charmander!

Joey:I chose rattata, it's like in the top % of rattata...

Jim:Hey! ... You like my shorts?
by Mal's friend April 23, 2015
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When you eat very spicy food and then lick someone's arsehole.
Are you ok?

No, Jeff ate a curry last night and then licked my arsehole during coitus, gave me the Charmander.

Now my arse is on fire!
via giphy
by V.Near April 06, 2020
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Light pubes on fire and then put it out with your cum
I gave this chick a crazy charmander last night
by Bomboclattt January 07, 2020
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A gay flaming dinosaur pokemon that has little or no friends and can be killed by a simple bucket of water
Hailey " I love charmander "
Dan " What the gay dinosaur pokemon?"
Hailey *cries*
by Dan987643111 June 25, 2009
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For a male to light a firecracker and shove it down the partner's ass ( with consent of course ) and then fuck them repeatedly until the firecracker explodes.
Lady: I almost died last night!!
Lady 2: how?
Lady 1: My asshole of a boyfriend pulled a Charmander on me.
by Dick_Cheese69 September 21, 2016
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A red Pokemon, one of the first on the earlier TV series. Has a flame on it's tail, which can be put out to murder the beast. Has a whiny voice. Completely uselss until it turns into charizard.
trainer: Go charmander! breathe fire!
Charmander: *whine* charmander char!
by Lord Woffle March 23, 2005
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