a creature with the face of timothée chalamet and body of a pokémon charmander.
Aye bro did you see the Timothée Charmander in the woods last night?”
by el1ie October 17, 2020
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When some dude is getting all hot and sweaty with some girl on a cold evening, then she totally doesn't want his cold meat package in her puss. So she takes out a lighter and holds it up to her bumhole then backs that thing up next to his junk. Then she lets out a huge shart, allowing the steamy flamed up shards of poopoo warm up his cock for ultimate warm pleasure on the cold sexy night.
It was cold the other night because my heater broke, so my girl gave me a rusty charmander to warm me up
by cockmaster93 December 19, 2010
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N. When you lose your fire in a game of beer pong.
Jack: I was was on fire then i miss the cup that would have won the game.

Jill: You got a case of charmander syndrome.

Jack: FML.
by S1THGAM3R April 02, 2011
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When you got that real dark skin brotha and his dick fire.

He poke-mon it last night.Or he "poked me" last night by candle light.
Yo Greg be the charmander type.
by lizdawiz January 31, 2019
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A evil spirited Tik Tok E boy who is the leading cause of cancer.

If you come across this Tik Tok evil demon spawn, turn of the power in your house and hope your not too late.
Hey did you see that weird Tik Tok who is named Charmander?

Turn off your power he is going to come get you!
by JesusChristSuperStar6.9 May 12, 2020
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