what people say sarcastically when pretending they are gay. refering to flamer and the human torch in fantastic 4 and making fun of him. Almost always used as a joke.

When a gay person is coming onto another gay person
George "it is tight one in this elevator aint it?"

George "hey dude look at Jason"
Bob "yeah he is really getting his flame on with rob"
by Gabriel P December 29, 2007
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vintage internet term from early 1990's ( I don't read your stuff jerk !!!)
using FTP this jerk was telling me I was wrong!! I told him " just flame on dude I don't read your trash, garbage in garbage out " LOL
by itichie_nocanpo August 27, 2006
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Best metal band ever. Period. Beware the false definitions that elude to them being something lesser.
In Flames are the current Gods of metal.
by oddling July 22, 2004
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One of the best metal bands out there. Old albums are amazing newer albums arent as heavy. Definatly one of the best bands to to hail from sweden and maybe europe.
by poooooooooooooooooop November 15, 2003
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An awesome band from Sweden founded in the early 90's. They are famous for their legendary riffs and songs so catchy it is not tiring to listen to after a couple of re-runs.

However at the dawn of Reroute to Remain, they started sounding mainstream. I don't know why they'd done it (probably to attract a larger crowd aside from their current fanbase), but they still got their own harmonious riffs, just not as good from way back.
Some of their finest songs:

- Stand Ablaze
- Ever Dying
- Moonshield
- Jotun
- The Hive
- Food for the Gods
- Dialogue with the Stars
- Embody the Invisible
- Morphing into Primal

(Some of their best albums are Whoracle, Jester Race Black Ash Inheritance and Lunar Strain)
by Welp June 20, 2004
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1. To engage in an online argument usually involving unfounded personal attacks by one or more parties.

2. To be blatantly homosexual in the stereotypical way.

3. To be on fire.
1. omg j00 r t3h n00b!1!!1! pwnt

2. Wow, look at that flaming queer.

3. Dude blow out your flaming candles before the wax gets on the cake.
by anime2000z April 14, 2006
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Gods of Melodic Death Metal, when your download any In Flames songs off iTunes it has a special way to download In Flames and if it didn't download it like that the iPod would just blow up from the sheer awesomeness.
Fred: Whats the godlike sound coming from your earbuds jimmy?

Jimmy: In Flames, o btw fred you can go get a towel and clean your saliva puddle off the floor.
by SXEFTW June 7, 2010
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