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A Computing Science euphemism. It is used to refer to sex or more specifically sexual intercourse.

Comes from the way a USB stick gets inserted into a USB port in order to move files on a computer, similar to the way in which penetrative sexual intercourse works (Just without the file transfer part).
Right now I'm a virgin, but one day I will do the USB Act with a stunning computer scientist
by HYPERREALITYSOUL42069 June 21, 2022
A ancient caveman term used to describe a small bird like creature which swims, walks, flies and goes "quack"
Ooga booga Hiandochandlemagner woogy boogy
by HYPERREALITYSOUL42069 July 26, 2020
Unlike charizarding, charmandering is when you take a long shit that sticks to your arse, light it on fire and run around squaking like a insane parrot while slapping people round the face with it.
I would have gone to Specsavers of there wasn't a man charmandering everyone down the street
by HYPERREALITYSOUL42069 December 1, 2018
1. To very forcefully break something apart with your hands

2. Another incarnation of lighting and death itself like love, these demons insert themselves into you giving you an attraction to someone else. Extremely dangerous, can crush your soul, keep away at all costs
1. Eugine: I will crush this ice

2. Hamish: Duncan has a crush on Eilidh

Duncan (Realising this happened before): Fuck

Blair: Teeheehee I'm gonna tell everyone

Don't be a Blair people
by HYPERREALITYSOUL42069 December 11, 2018
An Ancient Caveman term used to describe love, the unholy offspring of lightning and death itself.
by HYPERREALITYSOUL42069 July 30, 2020
Typically found in first person shooters. This experience generally consists of the act of a friend killing you over and over in a team game for no reason often resulting in no experience being gained causing the knock on effect of being bad at Pvp. Named after a lad called Robin who did this relentlessly
Bob: How was your Halo session last night

Geoff : It was shit, my friend decided to give me the Robin Experience.
by HYPERREALITYSOUL42069 March 5, 2019
1. Scottish term meaning "You Know" or in rare circumstances "Yes Ken". With the word och placed in front of it it can mean many more things.

2. The Annoying phrase that Strong Scots use despite it being wrong

Kennedy: What is this?
Rictochie: Ya ken wha


Blayne: Ya Ken
Duncan: Could ye fuckin not
by HYPERREALITYSOUL42069 December 10, 2018