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a nyash warrior is a person, man or woman, on a journey to grant himself the biggest, baddest nyash in all the world. he will go high and low for the best nyash he can find, not faltering for the meady nyashes in between. he is truly a respectable, yet atrociously down bad man. if u see a nyash warrior, always wish him luck on his nyash journey
Geoffrey: did u know that John's a Nyash Warrior??? hes acc a madman yk
Adonis: stfu John's hunt for nyash is a respectable and valiant effort.
by bomboclaaticus May 2, 2022
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A common phrase said when something so horrendous, so soul-wrenching, something that causes tremendous harm to ones mental, physical or emotional state happens to a person in ones common vicinity. The phrase is meant to represent and indicate to the recipient to accept the situation and take it on the chin. You can use this in any situation, no matter how severe the incident is.
Ryan: nahhh this guys been commenting bare flirty shit on my crushes tiktoks bro im so finished fam
Josh: ykw fam j charge it

callum: nah imagine my mum died today in a car crash
nate: bro imma be real w u yh? j charge it bro

Adam: imagine i failed all my gcses bro its so long for me im getting shipped back to Ghana bro
Abdullah: bruv be imma be real w u j charge it n hit the trap
by bomboclaaticus August 12, 2022
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Major Simp; most likely short but still athletic asf. He probably doesn't do work at all
P1: you know lethush right?
P2: yh that mf short
P3: and apparently a simp as well
by bomboclaaticus July 26, 2020
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