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The greatest drinking game that people may also know has bobsled or tobongo. There are two teams lined up facing each other across two ends of a beer pong-sized table. Set up beer pong cups on each end. Player 1 shoots while a person on their team, player 2, stands across from them relaying the ball back until player 1 makes a cup. Player 2 drinks then hands to player 3 to flip (like in flip cup) and to x many other players to flip, and the last person the flip, let's say Player 4, takes Player 1s spot to shoot next. Player 1 moves to Player 2s spot to relay. And continue all the way through until one team makes all the cups.
Person #1: “yo! Wanna play caps or beer pong?”
Person #2: “nah that’s lame. Let’s play Biathlon! The mother of all drinking games
“And on the fourth day, God created Biathlon.” - Book of Genesis
by chargedgirlz April 12, 2018
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Q: "how charged are you?"
A: "Im at 80%, but one more shot, I'll be fully charged"

Q: "are you charged?"
A: " fuck yeah, I'm ready to go."
by chargedgirlz June 25, 2017
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