Joy: my friends dog is cute agree?
You: Char! i like the dog's hair.
Joy: really? Char, me too that's why i bought it.

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Char is literally one of the kindest most trustworthy girls you will ever meet. She is sporty and funny, and can always make a bad day better. She is a people’s person most of the time, except when she’s tired. She always wears her hair up and is not confident about her appearence, even if she is one of the most gorgeousgirls on the planet. She is sometimes quite sensitive, and doesn’t like fighting. She is super cute and kind and will never let you down. She can be awkward when someone likes her which is why she doesn’t date much. Always take it slow with Char, but if she likes you back, she will be one of the best girlfriends in the world!
Wow Char is so sweet!
I know, I’ve never met anyone like her!
by Q1234Q January 03, 2018
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Norman,"Help yourself to drinks or william if you like."
camjoo,"chars mate!"
by camjoo May 27, 2005
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The abreviation of the word 'Character'
My char would own your ass!
by Joe Nazmdeh December 01, 2006
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A very cute and cool girl you could hang with but you don't wanna mess with her, cause her Boyfriend is Greg.
Dude, turst me you dont wanna mess with char, cause her boyfriend is Greg.
by GUTTTTT December 19, 2018
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Used in some computer languages to define a variable of the type character.
char myVar;
by Adolfo J. Peña January 31, 2004
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