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to turst - to smoke

a turst - a smoke/fag
hey look at those two tursting!


fancy a turst?
by pHiLLite July 05, 2005
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"turst" a form of Türst

Türst is a legendary figure from the Lucerne hinterland who dates back to pagan times. He is described as a "dreadful hunter", of whom people should beware on stormy days. Türst hunts in the tempestuous months through the villages, accompanied by a herd of dogs with only three legs. Statements about Türst vary from region to region.
"We who lived upon the lonely Armorican moors were accustomed to werewolves, vampires and tursts."
'The Walking Drum' - pg. 92 paragraph 8
Louis L'Amour published 1984
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by Sergeantdan August 14, 2019
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dry toast.

as in:
1) unbuttered dry toast
2)a persons lack of personality causing them to be bland and boring

origin: someone was once eating dry toast and due to the dryness and lack of saliva it denied them of being able to pronounce toast correctly. Hence the word turst instead of toast.
OMG i couldn't decide whether to have butter or jam so i just had turst.

why the fuck would anyone like her?!? Eileen is turst.
by fluffysugar May 31, 2009
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