something made of pure manliness and trace amounts of gundamium. also used to describe things that are awesomely huge and pointy, with nice skin.
that french baguette she swallowed was most char.
by dirk digger July 29, 2009
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Pronounced CH-ARE

1) To be a part of, or representing, the Naval Forces
2) The true essence of a member of the Navy
3) The general inside mushy feelings generated by looking over the water, or being on a big ship on the ocean. The Zen of the Navy.

1) He has a lot of Char about him
2) He is so Charry (CH-ARE-REE)
3) I'm getting my Char on *looks over the water*. That view is so Charry.
by rb20betty March 21, 2009
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an expression used when you are not amazed but you "have to be" amazed by your friends words. Mostly delivered by raising one eyebrow.
Betty: Even though I look like this... I have my Matt in me.

Wilhelmina: Char!!!
by mackyverga01 March 21, 2010
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chars is a double thanks derived from 'cheers' and 'ta'. this word was created whilst under the influence of booze.
bouncer: see ya's later

suzie: chars, oh i mean cheers.

by Cat_Phone June 06, 2007
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A person who searched themselves and didn't see any true ones, so they made theres own.
by NOTCharThePidget September 25, 2017
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English slang.
1) A cleaning woman, normally a part time empolyee working for pin money.

2) One of the many English terms for tea. (Origin obscure)
Thirsty, I'll get the char to make us a nice cuppa.
by black flag May 31, 2004
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A girl that one person will crave over, usually with the name Luca, Luca is the person usually to surfs and have an extremely small penis. Char can be found at all locations but so can her favourite fan Luca just 100 meter away with binoculars
Person 1: Omg did you see Char it looked like she was being followed but that’s Luca kid

Person 2: Luca?!? Oh my god I herd he is in love with her

Person 1: such a char moment hahahahaah
by Brad curry January 07, 2020
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