A way of saying cheers in a posh accent. if it was written this is how.
by flashermonkey April 12, 2004
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Someone who serves you in a canteen, mostly of ethnic origin...

this can lead to combinations ie chips sausage and gravy can be defined as a "chars special"

this can also be combined with Rossy (see rossy)
"ill have a chars special mate"

"youre a chars rossy" meaning you're a fkin idiot
by BulletMag June 27, 2005
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(a Filipino expression) substitute for "Wow!", "Nice!", "Great!" usually used to tease a friend.
GIRL1: bes, got you here a new mp3...
GIRL2: Char! thank you bes...
by ish_regs January 03, 2008
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The Asian girl asked, "What's your fav. Street Fighter char.?"
Digitus answered, "Def. Chun-Li, she's hot."
The Asian girl asked again, "Ahh, so you like her, huh? Why?"
Digitus replied, "Because if she was on top of me, she can use her lightning fast legs to hump!"
The Asian girl said, "We'll have to try out your fantasy soon.."
Digitus replied, "What? We will?! Sweet!"
The Asian girl grinned, "Yeah, I'll be your fav. char."
by Digitus July 27, 2005
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How posh kids say cheers in England
β€œchars my g, here’s to consistent golfing! Three over par is bloody good if you ask me!”
via giphy
by chenner July 06, 2019
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Char is a person who thinks everything is gay. Including heterosexual (straight people) sex. Char is usually a female and loves to call things gay. Char loves to call her friends gay so if Char doesn't call you gay then she probably isn't comfy around you.
*watching straight porn*

by Charlottecat123/charcats May 09, 2016
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A synonym for the word cool, only cooler
"She just got her tongue pierced, that's so char."

"Oh my god last night was so char. I can't remember anything"
by anonymous12312234324 January 24, 2008
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