To smack someone in the back of the neck, so it loudly makes a snapping sound
I chapped him so hard he still has a mark on his neck.
by Sandboxkidyoungster September 12, 2018
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when a girl has shaved her genitalia without shaving her legs
Women from the Conga frequently sport chaps.
by The Velour Fog September 04, 2006
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When its fucking cold.
"it's so fucking chaps that my dick is like a fucking stalagtite"
by Alex Kempton March 08, 2007
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Chap has two meanings:
1. A chap is something horse riders wear to prevent their legs from chafing with the saddle

2. An English expression used to call someone (can be male of female) normally someone the person is friends with
by Flossyyyy July 29, 2015
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looking like a hott mess..to' up 4rm the flo up
-"Keandra, why u go wit that chap ass boy??"
by beevie May 14, 2006
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a ugly boi or girl that thinks there cute.
boi sit your chap azz down.
by jaybooty January 12, 2006
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