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This flag is actually the 5th battle flag of the conferacy. Many people claim that this flag represents ricism and hatred. If this is so then why are'nt the other 4 flags generally considered racist. Because groups of asshole, hateful, racist people stole our heritage, i.e. our flag, to use for their movements which are motivated by fear and ignorance. The people who should be chastised are the one's stealing other peoples heritage and symbolic property.
I can't believe that these racist pig KKK guys are using the confederate flag for their rally. They should have the right to rally in this free country of ours; but they should be jailed for using a symbol of my heritage, which I consider sacred property, for their hateful purposed
by Dougo April 05, 2004

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Artistically masterful songs found in any and all of Nintendo's wide library of games. This is the best music ever created, or ever to be created, in the entire universe, and of the entire universe of any alter-dimensions.
Green Greens
Animal Crossing theme
Mario songs
Fire Emblem theme
by Dougo November 19, 2003

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Every Harley rider knows that chaps are leather legs that protect in a crash and in cooler weather help you to keep warm. Rodeo chaps use them too. uhh uhh.
Ohh, it's cold today. We had better put on our chaps today before we ride.
by Dougo April 05, 2004

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The San Francisco 49ers suck ass.
Flemp damn you flemp
by Dougo May 15, 2004

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This is a white bread found in Mexico. The Mexican people also use this term to refer to white people, gringo's, or guedo's. My wife is from Mexico and I here many of her aquaintences use this term.
Oh, there goes Juanita. Her esposa is bolillo.

My love. Tu eres mi esposa, mi amor, mi chiquita. Tu eres mi bolillo.
by Dougo April 05, 2004

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