Buttless pants that homosexual cowboys wear.
The cowboy wore chaps so he didn't have to take anything off before shitting.
by DylanLO June 26, 2005
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a cheaper, Polo-like clothing line, but the abbreviation's said to be "Could've Had a Polo Shirt".
You can find CHAPS at JC Penny's.
by Candice February 27, 2004
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Used when something bad happens, or is going to happen.
Teacher: "You all have a 5 page essay due by tomorrow when you walk into class."

Student 1 to Student 2: "Bro, I'm bouta fuckin' fail this shit."

Student 2: "Dude, I know right. It's so chap."
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by mystummyhurt August 16, 2018
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A severe punishment. Occurs when a male human slaps another living being around the face with his penis a number of times to rectify their misdoing/s.
Pete: <spills coffee>
Carl: You daft oaf, you have wrecked my evening!
Pete: How dare you offend me in such a public manner! Do you want Chaps?!?!
Carl: I'm sorry Peter! Forgive me! PLEASE!
Pete: Its Chaps for you my friend. Kneel before me and receive the cleansing of your being.
by Slow_Hands January 23, 2005
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A physical and public humiliation defined by a light tap to the back of the neck originating at Arvin High School. A successful chap is characterized by a faint, but very distinguishable smacking sound, followed by laughter among those present.

It may also be used to describe an object that is sub-par, un-cool, stupid, or of poor quality.
One may precede a chap by saying the following:

"That's a chap"


"That burger was a chap!"

"Don't make me chap you!" (As a warning)
by Logos et arma January 07, 2011
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one of da most ugliest mothafuckaz you've even seen...thisa word was originated from dat fiya fiya louisiana..YER-ME
by InNEEyah May 09, 2006
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our own london(uk) slang for silver braceletz!
"fuck,u got sum nang chapz"
by red-eye July 23, 2004
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