A crunchy treat often eaten as a snack or school lunch.

7 steps to be a chap

Be editable
Have carbs
Dont be a cham (soft chap)
Dont be a champ (sandwhich(etc) chap)
Be solid
Be crunchy
Be munchy

Bread can be considered a soft chap.
Common examples: Potato chips, corn chips, crackers, dorito chips, pie crust, cookies, tarts, and some breads.

"Would you like some of my chaps?"
by TheChapMaster September 05, 2018
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The name for a body that gets smoked out of, using the through hole from the anus to the mouth.
It was a pleasure smoking that chap last night.
by VietDom March 28, 2021
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'Chaps' is a kind of person who has a real life cullen in their life.

'Chaps' tend to be obsessive over grammer, excellent at maths, in denial about how pretty they are and prone to writing the name of their loved ones all over other peoples property. They also tend to have similar characteristics to Bella Swan.

'Chaps' also are prone to be "tree huggers" and woods are a huge passion of theirs.

Also, 'Chaps' tend to be part of the small group that prefers myspace to facebook.
Alex : OMG, your girlfriends such a Chaps!
Finstin : Ikr! She's like a total Bella clone! <4
by 7872 August 09, 2009
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Northern Ireland noun referring to fat potato chips. Usually they have to come from a chap shap and be cooked by a big girl. Best cooked in beef dripping and slathered in red sauce and salt n vinegar. Also good with a tinna coke.
If only their chaps didnt taste so good, I would wanna eat them all the time. Ah well, sure I'm fat anyway.
by Ownies Puppy August 22, 2006
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1. leather pants worn by gays and motorcycle enthusiasts.
2. word meaning friend usually spoken in a painfully exaggerated 17th century british urchin accent.
1. gay dudes wear leather chaps
2. How are you today ol' chap?
by odd_jackal October 07, 2003
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said when one is feeling annoyed, rubbed the wrong way, etc.
Madison: "I think Dairy Queen is closed today..."
Tucker: "Chaps."
by madisoncheye March 05, 2015
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