a female with no facial qualities or assests. unattractive in nature, with the tendency to act "all that."
by #badd July 27, 2011
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Can be used as a substitute for any word in the English Language.
"I would chap that" - literally they would fornicate with said person

"Chap off" a form of suggestion, potentially chap means "fuck" here but each users intention may vary.

"I'm chapped" your guess is as good as mine. Potentially they could be tired, or extremely drunk. Perhaps even laughing, or upset. It honestly is very confusing.

"What you chapping"? - Often used to ask how someone is doing, substitute of "what you saying"?
by Chapper1000 August 31, 2015
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Also known as a chapstick lesbian. Just a fun way that a lesbian may indentify herself. Lesbian who is femme but also butch. She might wear a dress on one day, or baggy jeans and a starwars shirt for example. She likes to dress how she is feeling that day or how she wants to present herself. She wears what she wants.
Friend2 : what type of lesbian are you?
Friend1: i prefer to call myself a chapstick lesbian or a chap.
by Chocolatedude August 19, 2019
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chinese-american princess. see jap.
She got a Tiffany necklace, an iPhone, and Mahnolo's for her 12th birthday, what a CHAP.
by kchink March 24, 2010
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the epidemy of awesomeness. super cool.
"Dude, i just won the lotto!"
"CHAPS!!!!!!! man, chaps!"
by shorty spice April 21, 2010
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To slap a person around the face with a semi-erect penis.
I had a morning glory, and woke my significant other with a touch of chapping
by Olly the Sanchez April 27, 2003
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