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"Tell me that I misunderstood a joke, but don't tell me that my choice of cravat is wrong." -
David Niven

"When you tie a cravat without your father's help, it means you've grown up." - Alessandro di Robilant

"If a person steps on your cravat, you are to blame because you were kneeling." - Karl Lagerfeld

"A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life." - Oscar Wilde

"A modern man has only one accessory to mark his presence - a cravat." - Alberto Moravia

"It is an honour to wear a cravat." - Spanish caballero

"A cravat, a pipe and a robe define a man’s elegance." - Clark Gable

"If Freud had watched his patients’ cravats, he would not have had the need to listen to their dreams." - Luca Goldoni

"A true gent will always wear his cravat well." - Mr. Coward

"When I tie a cravat in the morning, it seems that I´m making an ideological decision." - Umberto Eco
by 로이드 January 22, 2014
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