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A guy that is very charming and athletic. He has a six pack which makes him more attractive and he is also a guy that is close to God.
Girl 1: who is that guy? He is really hot
Girl 2: that’s Arvin, he is not just hot, he also work for their church
Girl 1: oh good Lord I think he’s the one
by Grade8 February 15, 2019
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A guy who is good-looking and very sweet. He’ll stand up for you and make sure you feel happy. He’s a great friend and makes bad jokes. He plays video games a lot and sometimes plays sports. Arvin will never leave you feeling upset and will always put a smile on your face.
Girl 1: Hey do you know that Arvin guy?
Girl 2: Yeah, he’s my best friend!
by blossom06 June 09, 2019
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A very charming and cool guy. Everyone is dying to be his girlfriend. He serves for their church and he is close to God. He is so athletic(volleyball&basketball player) but he never play girls heart.
Girl 1: who is that hottie?
Girl 2: oh that’s Arvin, he abs too.

Girl 1: he is a jaw dropping guy
by Grade8 February 15, 2019
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1.) a person who can run faster than any ninja you've ever seen.
2.) usually goes after Erica types.
3.) generally an insanley sweet gentlemen. knows how to treat his lady people.
4.) talks for hours on end, always about important things.
5.) someone who enjoys nights in.
6.) the most real guy you will ever set eyes on. not always the most attractive, but very pleasent to look at. An arvin is someone who will change your whole life around, with one smile.
dude1:hey, did you see that arvin today?
dude2:yeaa he was with an erica!
dude1:obviously, they're both crazy nice people who love to talk!

Wow, there goes an arvin, you can just tell by how fast he ran.
by eap! December 23, 2010
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A very cool guy. This guy is beyond cool. Oh and he's a very good gambler too.
Hey, that Arvin dude is pretty cool. Very friendly guy.
Who? Oh, Arvin aka the god of gamblers, yeah he's cool.
by hiscousin March 05, 2005
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used when you have done something you wouldnt regularly do; something you shouldnt do; something youd regret; events related to sex. may ruin any innocence you have left.
so like me and that one tippy when back to my pad, and i somewhat pulled an Arvin.

I pulled an Arvin yesterday.
by Estaban September 29, 2006
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A guy who loves to suck on pussy and goes to public places and starts to bang people
by YOU BETTER STOP June 10, 2019
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