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A northern working class suburb of Minneapolis containing a large amount of nail salons, pizza joints, sandwich shops, chiropractors and plenty of open space for more of the same. The people keep it real in Champlin. In general a very mellow place to live with some really good restaurants that you can actually get into. If you are looking for a scene this is not the place.......these are not the droids you're looking can go about your business...move along......move along.
"Oh hey, looks like something new is going in Champlin....oh nevermind it is just another nail salon."
by deckrat January 29, 2012
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Champlin consists of banks and sandwich shops and cookie cutter houses and boring familes. They recently got a doughnut shop which is pretty good.
"Champlin is so boring."
"Yeah, but they have yummy doughnuts."
by Silver Strike February 04, 2012
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a newly populated city consiting of people who think they are better than they are.
I am from Champlin and I demand better service at this IHOP
by Jaclynfromtheblock May 30, 2008
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A small city in the northwest suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Champlin is a town full of nothing but round-a-bouts and random jacked-up pickup trucks. Brett Farve once visited the local movie theater but Chumptown was really put on the map when Jimmy Falon visited in 2018 for literally no reason at all.
Joe: "Have you ever been to Champlin?"
Tim: "My grandma lives in a nursing home in Champlin, she claims she saw Brett Farve at the movies once."
by gremlintoes June 28, 2018
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