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Anoka is a pretty unique town. Tucked in the suburbs about 30 minutes north of the cities. It's common to pass through anoka on highway 10 on your way to St. Cloud. Anoka is Halloween capital of the world (dont trust me? google that shit.) The rum river runs behind anoka high school, know there for an eclectic population of students; The goth kids hide in the library and play magic, the ethnic kids crowd the front doors of the main commons, the fake chicks that chill in front of the deca mart, and the various other clicks of hicks, g's, emos, and yaddas slathered throughout the school. Everyone tends to cling to one clique or another at Anoka. Kids get bored real easy. Drinking is a sport, drugs are recreational, taco night is a must.

The high school looks like a concrete prison with a waffle ceiling on the inside. We hold some classes in trailers and some in the barns behind the school. The "free lot" is where the kids smoke cigs.

Anoka hot spots and activities: the aquatic center, rocket park, cruising main street late at night, streaking during football games, fireworks in the main commons, wave pool, crooked lake, third layer, grand slam, .... the variety.

The rum river dam runs through main street. There is a little stone hut just south of the dam. And a retired amphitheater they should really restore.

If you are from Anoka you understand the irony in our catch phrase, "Stay classy, be classy, act classy, Anoka."
Classic: You know your from Anoka when the Tornado siren goes off and people start cheering!

Anoka is the true and original A-Town. Andover can bite it.

Stay classy, act classy and be classy anoka.

Accept the challenge.

We like our forks flat.

Ms. Gohla is satan.
by wsJ March 31, 2011
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A city in MN located on the Mississippi river and Rum river. Has a great champion high school and is also known as "The Real A-Town".
Anoka is the real A-Town, not Andover.
by April Rayne April 01, 2008
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