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A character in mortal kombat that contains telekinetic powers as well as swag. He has the swag of a young Michael Jackson mixed with the Old Spice Guy. When defeating someone using Ermac's unmatched powers of pure awesome, one should always shout out "Errrrrmmmmmaaaacccc", but a simple loud "Ermac!" is sufficient. Ermac can also be used as a vowel, noun, and adjective. Ermac is the answer to almost every known question.
Hey stop using Ermac I can't win!!!


Dude I was so drunk at that party last night, I don't remember a thing!

Oh, well Ermac
by Tiresias Johnson July 08, 2011
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A XBL gangster known for hitting people offline if they call him a "Dirty cookie", he goes by GamerTags as im Ermac and Ermacs World
Wow Ermac is gonna beat You Up
by abigbutt August 02, 2010
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red ninja in the popular mortal kombat games, characterised by telekinetiic powers and green energy blasts. appeared as a secret battle in MK2, as an unlockable in MK3: Ultimate, and in the latest game in the series, deception. he was a creation of sorcery, many souls binded to become one by the forces of evil. has since broken that stranglehold and become a free agent for good
by Snowman_mcknives August 08, 2005
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