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The definition of hado is a power to dip inside into the spiritual realm to gain the healing and transforming powers of the life-force energy.
This power can be used to heal or destroy life, depending on how it is used.
There is a good side and a dark side to the power of Hado both being equal in strength since it comes from the same source.
You would most likely see this example in Street Fighter With Ryu or Akuma.
by GoodHado December 23, 2008
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HaDOS (Hack A Denial Of Service) is when a link to a server is posted on Hack A Day and a massive amount of people follow the link thus causing an unintentional DoS attack. In many cases these DoS happens within an hour of a post.
Link down due to HaDOS
by Drakesword November 15, 2010
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1. When you want your friends to go to the snack bar with you
2. Usable instead of any verb; universal verb OR as a greeting (like shalom)
Frank: Neil, let's Hado!

Neil: Oh, hado. Did you Hado at all yesterday (should be used as a joke, or if someone know to which verb you are refering to).
by PliesIsWhack October 19, 2011
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