Chacon is a settlement approx. 7 miles north of Holman, New Mexico on the Rio Mora. Sept. 10 1894 Chacon Post Office opened. Chacon is that of integrity. Trusted, reliable, dependable individual. Firm adherence to a code of especially moral values. Incorruptability; Undeminished; Chacon's seem to to have an ammunity of fear, which in turn makes them that of a bad ass or a Chingon. You definitly want a Chacon on your side looking out for your back. A magnificent lover, thus the C-Spot. Chacon Spot.
Bobby Chacon was a bad ass boxer, he was a Chingon Chacon.President Obama thinks he's a chingon, but he's really just a pinche' chango pendejo. If he was a Chacon then he'd be a Chingon Chacon.
by chingonchacon May 07, 2011
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Beautiful soul beautiful person. Kind person that you can't help but feel vibrant when around them
Fuck my day is so shitty

Don't worry I'll be over in a bit

Thank god you're hilarious chacon
by Me_nigga February 10, 2015
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(chacon) defined from the modern word chaconi for spanish mafia common in the Colombian area an also venezuela, it's given to the highest rank of the mob family of (Noray)
by mastiff research March 20, 2017
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