Chingon is a Mexican word used for multiple purposes, It comes from verb Chingar that can be used in several ways, Chingon means most than Nice, Cool, or Great, it's the same like said Fuckin' Great
That Car is Chingon!!
by Memo Cancun March 12, 2006
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"That Eddie Cruz guy is one tough Chingon.-I heard he banged Jenny Reese."
" Wow! No Shit?"
"No, he did shit. I heard he gave her a Dirty Sanchez."
"Wow! Eddie Cruz rules!"
by Mony Love July 15, 2003
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A vulgar way of saying "cool, |33t, awesome".
That was the most chingon game I've ever played.
by Urban Dictionary February 18, 2003
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Someone who is very good at making money or is very good at doing something related to his work.
Hey, that guy working on my car is very Chingon.
by Mojo Maniac July 11, 2008
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Used as a descriptor for -- or to assign elevated status to -- a person, place, thing or action and to convey an element of impressive dominance or mastery...basically, a "Big F*cking Deal".
“Beating Trump was chingon!”

“Beating Trump and then making him lose over and over again as his lawsuits and recounts failed was puro chingon.”
by Chicano Scholar December 28, 2021
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Where does Captain Picard get his takeaway on the Starship enterprise - from the Chingon
by THEstonedSisters October 7, 2020
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mexican slang to descrive something extremely awesome.
wey!, your car is fuckig chingon!!

by KatChamber August 19, 2007
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