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to go out in the mud in the back of a truck or jeep or other 4x4 vehicle and spin in the mud until all the occupants are covered in mud.
I am so dirty. We went mudding earlier and I just know this mud won't come out of my clothes!
by Caitlin8014 May 27, 2005
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A pointless waste of time where an inbred redneck takes their "pick em up" or jeep into the mud and proceeds to attempt to not get stuck.
"Uncle Daddy, can we go mudding today?"
"Naw son, Aunt Mommy said we done gotta stay here today"
"Aw shucks"
"Its okay son, take your sister round back and explore each other"
"Aw yes"
by MoronsPissMeOff August 16, 2018
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An autoerotic or homoerotic activity in which butch gays and bis get their shoes, jeans and even whole selves muddy while pounding tar around town or skating. Mudding is the latest fetish to reveal itself online in a big way. Also called "muddin'."
Derk and Craig always went mudding around The Charles after skating through Cambridge, getting their baggy jeans and Airwalks all dirty and wet.
by BleekerStreetBrian March 02, 2008
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