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(n) frend' sest
To "fool around" with a person or number of people who is/are part of the closely-knit group of friends one has in his/her life. This act is often seen as a taboo, as it is prone to adding a negatively dramatic twist in the social lives of the interrelated people in said socially interacting group.

adj: friend-cestuous
"Holy crap, John had friend-cest with Jenny!"
"OMG!@! what a bitch!"
"Let's hate them!"
by Nate Yetton January 07, 2006
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Friendcest. Noun. The act of interdating among a cliche or crowd of friends. Also dating a friend's ex. or sibling.
Alt. spelling: frencest.


Friendcestuous. Adj. describing a group of friends who have all dated each other, each other's exes, and each other's family members or an individual in said group. A small dating pool, the equivalent of a small gene pool.

You: I can't believe she is dating her friend's ex. again. After having dated her friend's brother too!
Me: She loves to commit friendcest.


You: Man, that crowd is like a soap opera. They've all hooked up in every possible combination.
Me: How friendcestuous.


Me: Be careful before you date him. I hear engages in frencest.
by mepwave October 14, 2008
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One of the great phrases to describe the fuck-upity-ness of cross-boundry, inter-friendship 'relating'

FRIENDCEST - Dating friends, dating your friends friends. You already like them... your friends already like them, so why not....... fuck it all up?"
The phenomena of inter group dating / relating in social groupings. esp. relevent to university and post university friend bases.

"I'm friendcesting your ex, Michelle.."
-"no worries mate, i'm doing your sister."
by RoxyStarr July 16, 2005
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Friendcest occurs when one person dates a bunch of people from the same group of friends, usually one at a time. This is often partially the fault of the group of friends, as they do not learn from their friends' mistakes.
Kenith had dated Camille, tried to date Brittany, and now is going after Brittany's sister? Woah thats major friendcest.
by Sarah #2 July 03, 2005
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The act of creating a romantic or (usually) sexual relationship within a pre-established group of friends.
Not surprisingly the cast of the sitcom Friends is guilty of committing friendcest, i.e. Rachel hooking up with Ross and Monica with Chandler.
by NSesh February 19, 2009
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sleeping with or dating someone your friend has already dated or slept with.
After Jayne committed friendcest with Samantha's ex-boyfriend, their friendship was never the same.
by Sara November 25, 2004
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