One of the greatest original shows we've had in awhile.
' ' Man, Gravity Falls was an amazing show! ' '
by ProudCry&LotusCrest April 11, 2018
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Gravity Falls is the best possible cartoon ever. It was created by Alex Hirsch, my favorite animator in the world. Some main characters include:
Dipper Pines- 12-13 year old boy longing adventure. Twin to Mabel.
Mabel Pines- 12-13 year old girl. Loves romance- and pigs. Twin to Dipper.
"Grunkle" Stanley Pines- Older guy. Grunkle means "Great Uncle." Runs the Mystery Shack.
Soos- Handyman of the apocalypse! Soos works at the Mystery Shack. He has everything you could need.
Gravity Falls is the best show ever! Too bad it just ended.
by GingerGirlFanfic February 16, 2016
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A cartoon running from 2012-2016 on Disney Channel, created by Alex Hirsch. It was based on his summer vacations with his twin sister Ariel.

Set in the fictional town of Gravity Falls in Oregon, twins Dipper and Mabel from California are sent to spend their summer vacation there with their grand uncle (Grunkle) Stanley Pines. Together, they discover that the town holds all sorts of weird and mysterious creatures and secrets.
Gravity Falls is one of the best cartoon shows out there. You should watch it.
by Random fangirl 98 October 27, 2018
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Gravity Falls, the best show ever which looks retarded on the outside but really is a 90s style show instead of those crap cartoons these days. Fun and mysterious.

Okay for real, Gravity Falls is about a 12-year old boy named Dipper with a twin sister, Mabel, who move to a town called Gravity Falls for the summer. They stay there in teh summer with their uncle, "Grunkle Stan." They live in a house called the Mystery Shack, and there are many mysteries in the odd town of Gravity Falls. Together the two twin siblings, Dipper and Mabel, try to solve these mysteries.

Dipper is sophisticated and always trying to find the answer to many problems. He is voiced by a 20 year old for some reason LOL.

Mabel is his twin sister and she is more of a dummy who does nothing and is always optimistic about everything. She's funny.
Awesome Gravity Falls moment:

Dipper: This guy's name is Robbie V and he's kind of like my archenemy.

Rumble McSkirmish: Did he kill your father?

Dipper: Well, he's dating the girl I like and he posts a really annoying amount of status updates.

*Rumble McSkirmish is one of the characters in one episode. He's a fighter from a video game that came to life :3
by beep boop boop bop October 6, 2012
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A magical place that has inhabited weird and wonderful creatures.
Lets speed past Gravity Falls that place is creepy!
by shoethousond October 19, 2019
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The show that ended a long time ago but still has a fresh fan base.
Dam, Gravity Falls is amazing! Well time to search up some gravity falls clips!
by January 23, 2022
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One of the greatest shows where twins visit a town named Gravity Falls Hence the name (Fun Fact: they used to study gravity falls episode in film school
Gravity Falls was such a great show!
by Jking the 3.1415th June 28, 2023
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