A. down to earth, friendly, and outgoing woman. Most are older but there are a couple of young ones. They think very different from most people & they are really creative.

B. name for a woman with class and morals
Dude1- You talking to Lasheeka
Dude2- Man please i'm talking to somebody way smarter & richer
Dude1 - You must be talking to a Mable

If you wanna get with Mable you better have something going for yourself.
by amablelover December 1, 2010
A sweet, bubbly girl who loves to dance and sing to music and isn't afraid to express her feelings. She can be difficult at times, but is usually caring, loveable and friendly.
Penelope: Hey, who's that girl dancing near the school entrance?
Bill: Oh, that's Mable.
by inknroses November 8, 2013
E.g After 420 sesh last night, i got The Mables
by Abrawr February 9, 2014
n, Unstable Mable is the type of person who is a complete fucking psycho. An absolute fruit loop who is usually a manipulative liar & an attention seeker. They love nothing more than creating a bit of drama.
Damion wrecked the house cause he was an Unstable Mable.

Unstable Mable fell off the table.
by The Fairy Sesh Mother August 13, 2022
n, noun describing a complete fucking fruit loop, someone who is a psycho, a total knob jockey.
Damion was an Unstable Mable, he wrecked the house & went psycho again
by The Fairy Sesh Mother August 13, 2022
Mable is hot. She is the absolute best. She also has good political opinions. She is a natural leader and will lead our country to greatness. VOTE MABLE FOR THE 2024 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION!!!!
Person1: I dont like trump or biden
Person2: Then why not just vote Mable!
Person1:Omg you are so right!
*votes for mable*
by elbamohman January 12, 2023