This given name denotes an intelligent, opinionated person who poses superior wit and charm. This person can be considered larger than life due to their grandiose dreams, actions and lifestyle. Also, poses a joie de vivre that makes this person adventurous, fun and overall and incredible person. If you are lucky enough to encounter one with the surname Julian consider yourself incredibly lucky
Did you meet that guy Cervantes, he has to be the most interesting man in the world.
by contrarebel May 7, 2011
The Soul series badass pirate who traditionally ranks among high, top or god tier due to his powerful throws, combos and counters. He was employed by Voldo's master to get Soul Edge but ended up getting it for himself to defeat the Spanish Armada. Also, Sophitia killed him but the Soul Edge brought him back to life when he became totally psycho.

He also hates his daughter, Ivy, who without a real father may explain her bizarre clothing choices and the fact that she has the blood of Soul Edge in her may have something to do with it.
Cervantes: Come back to me... my child!

Ivy: SILENCE, I can change my own destiny.


Cervantes: I'm disappointed what a useless daughter.
by A Alcott December 3, 2006
A main street in Pensacola, Florida, known for heavy prostitution. A common comeback for a slutty girl's workplace, or where she would be. It's basically located in the rough part of town. There are a lot of minorities and liquor stores and cheap low class motels.
"Damn, where's that girl you were with, dude?" "I don't know man, that Pop-Tart is probably off working on Cervantes."
"I shot three hookers on Cervantes St. and got an attempted murder charge... can you bail me out?"
by Obsidian BlackBird McKnight April 13, 2013
A bad ass dude who grew up in Chico, California. More specifically someone who grew up in the Chapmantown neighborhood.
That *CERVANTES* is one bad ass dude.
by Brennan Sellers November 16, 2010
a very smart teenage girl, that lives in salem oregon with potential dreams of being someone in life, loves to cook , and the outdoors
by lmaooowtf March 6, 2021
she is a crazy bitch and it super hot!
dude did you see anna cervantes! i want to smash her!
by joeybirlemoyes January 15, 2018