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A pretty, nice, funny girl. She is very shy at first when you meet her but when u decide to open up to her she will unleash her wild side to u! She is very random and funny. Every joke she says will make u laugh xD! She has a few close friends that she can trust. Your lucky to be friends with a Valeria she is fun and super chill!
Girl 1- Hey do you see Valeria over there? She seems so chill

Girl 2- Yea she's always so chill about every situation, I wish I was like her.
by Queen_of the block_2636 February 18, 2018
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Valeria is someone who you should NEVER take for granted. She is this amazing light that when you close to her and she turns ob she will light up your world and when she does never let that light go out or you will regret it she is so kind and funny but can be shy at first but she is willing to stay with you as long as possoble as long as your a true friend and will defend her but if you cross her watch out her bestfriend will be there in a second to rip you to shreds. Valeria is the funniest person you will ever meet but someone you can cry with at 3 am and will make you smile with her i guess what im saying is she is beautiful and amazing inside out with a heart of diamond (shes also a great person to play roblox with;) )
Girl: I wanna be friends with her but people say shes mean
Valeria friend: Shoot your shot you will be lucky to have her

Mean girl: Ewww is that vale (she starts spreading rumors
by Valesbsf<3 September 07, 2019
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Valeria is a amazing girl don’t ever lose her . The best ones have beautiful straight brown hair and beautiful brown eyes sometimes are a bit rude or mean and a bit protective
Girl : Valeria is so pretty

Boyfriend: I know

Girl again:HEY I’m your girlfriend

Boyfriend: I -I -I said ur so pretty

Girl :mmmhmmmm
(Boyfriend looks at Valeria wishing she would notice him)
by Hello hello I’m right January 19, 2019
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Valeria is a smart,beautiful,sweet girl. She is one of a kind and hard to find. If your her boy friend, you need to realize that you are very thankful for what you have.also she could be stubborn like she hates cleaning and helping but it's worth being around her. And when you hang out with her she will make you laugh no matter what and I know that for sure. When you hang out with her there's probably not a slight second that your bored with her. She loves arts and crafts too. Also be prepared when you see her family, they will be just like her funny! She's also never without a friend that's what makes her a social butterfly witch leads up to being very popular witch means it might be hard to reach her but it should be a big deal. Also when I say she is smart and funny your probably thinking how?well, out of class that's the fun and funny part of her but in class she focuses but there may be a few laughs and there but mean while she comes all in with straight a's and few b's. She kinda starts drama. But when she does it's true stuff and people turn it into lies like the game telophone. She usually has brown curly hair (all natural) and it's the most awesome cute hair you'll ever see. Also she wears mainly pink and sometimes blue. Her favorite color is blue or purple but looks best in pink. Overall she is the best person that for sure you need to meet
Did you see what Valeria had on today?

"Yeah! Let me put it in the newspaper"


Did you hear Valeria got asked to the dance 10 TIMES! And only said yes to ONE!

"Wow!she must be really cute"
by Mini muffin November 26, 2013
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A very awesome girl, very charismatic, is very beautiful and a savage. She doesn't care about anyone's opinion
I wish Valeria was in my life
by young thug 22 August 09, 2014
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A beautiful, shy, unique girl who would make any one the happiest person on earth.
Valeria, I love you πŸ˜˜πŸ’
by Valeria's bae April 11, 2015
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